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Justin James, 28, Photographic Artist living on the Gold Coast of Queensland, originally from the Mornington Peninsula of Melbourne.. Relatively new to the world of commercial Art, with most of his pieces remaining unseen by the public. Previous, unexhibited series include: Sirens (1999), These Dark Ages (2004), The Untitled (2005), Deliverance (2007), Debut Exhibition with Bendigo Artist Angela Morrissey in 2009 was called "Mysteries & Mania", followed closely by his Debut Solo Exhibition called 'Memories On White" both at The Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne. "...My Art is that of the imagination and the mysterious, I try to find a mystery or a secret in everything I see, so when I begin a piece it becomes its own entity, and is rarely what I first imagined it would be.. But that is the beauty of my work, it creates itself, I merely put it together..." The 12 Apostles series is a work in progress that will be the relaunch of the JustinJames name in the art world of Australia, stay tuned.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Renovations Of The Subconscious

I had a dream last night, and no, I am not Martin Luther King, and it wasn't one of those dreams..
Not many of my blog followers will know this, but I have the ability to revisit dream sequences, basically this means that I can wake up completely, and go back to sleep and jump back into a dream where I left it. Unfortunately this can also work for nightmares, there's always a downside.. This 'ability' (and I only say 'ability' as I've yet to hear of anyone else being able to do it, so I figure I'm a minority at best) also allows me to revisit dream 'places', or 'sets' if you will. For instance, I had a dream about a place called 'Dreamers Cove', which was a scrub land with a beautiful ocean cove, but the scrub-land was like a natural maze that you had to find your way through to reach the cove. I made it to the cove on my first dream, and yes it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I dreamt of that place about 15 times (15 nights) over a 3 month period, each time trying to get back to the cove, each time getting a little closer, my subconscious memory was so good that I started drawing arrows in the sandy track which remained there each time I revisited the dream. I had almost made it back to the cove through the maze when I stopped having the dreams.. I hear you ask why I didn't just “use my ability” to go back, but unfortunately my ability is not controlled, it just happens, so I am yet to return to Dreamers Cove. But alas I'm getting off topic again! I revisited a place or 'set' last night, this particular place hasn't got a discernible 'name' like Dreamers Cove as yet. It's important I describe the place as it was on my first and second visits;
The place is a coast of some description, whether its a lake, river or ocean is anyone’s guess, but it has water and cliffs. The cliffs are natural, steep and water rounded. The actual shore is not sand, but stones, of differing sizes (smaller in and at the waters edge, getting bigger as you move away from the water) but at their biggest against the cliff-face, here you have to really climb rock boulder to rock boulder to get anywhere, but there isn't far you can go anyway, not 50 meters ahead the cliff cuts left out into the water creating a cove of the area, and the cliff is unclimbable, so I was left both times wondering what was on the other side.
In tonight’s dream, yes I'm finally getting to the point, I revisited this particular place and my subconscious has been uber busy renovating this area! The big boulder to boulder area has now been laser cut square and has a mesh-like ramped pathway to get on top, which now leads you to the cliff-face which cut left to the water, but now it has a nifty door “into” the cliff face which is now hollow and built with walls and floors and lights like any house, and which last night contained people inside, all heading to the water on the other side of the cliff face for a swim (how this water is different to that on the previous side is as yet unknown) but I didn't actually make it there, as I was heading to the exit door with the rest of the people, a large black woman slapped me hello on the back and near gave me whiplash, this in turn triggered my brain to think of something else and put me on a new dream sequence about adverts for that exercise thing that you hold in your hands (you know the thing that looks like a plastic rolling pin?) and it jumps up and down?? Highly disappointing I know, hence the reason I'm now up in the middle of the night typing this out before I forget it. But anyway, I found last night that my subconscious does reno's if anyone needs a new extension ect..

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Some gorgeous kisses...Just Because...

A series definitely worth a look in...Seriously..It is a must read...

As most of you will know, I took on a Reviewer position within Top2Bottom Reviews.  I have been lucky enough to have picked, merely by chance, some of the best books I have read in the last 2 years.  One series that definitely stands out was the The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy by Jeffrey Jude.  I have pasted my review for Book 1 below, get onto it, read it, it's absolutely fantastic!

Jeffrey Jude has managed to roll a myriad of sub-genres into this one story. Gay Romance/Suspense/Supernatural/Science/Conspiracy/and Ancient History, and I’m almost certain I have left something out! A story not just for the gay men and women, but for all who enjoy a thought provoking and entertaining read.
This is an Epic, an absolute Epic! If I hadn’t had book two and three in my possession I could have been pushed clean off the edge of sanity, this is definitely not a story you can just stop reading, especially considering the Mt Everest cliffhanger we are left with on the final page.
Ok, let’s delve a little deeper…
The characters in this story are three dimensional, well described and ‘real’ on every level. Each with unique emotions and reactions to the many high adrenaline situations that Jeffrey Jude throws them into. Even the wolves in this story have their own personalities!
Situations and scenes are also extremely vivid, so much so that I can still smell the camp-fire from time to time, and taste the copious amounts of scotch Justin was drinking towards the end of the final chapter…
The plot of the story is fast paced, yet still timed so as to fully develop each scene, and each characters response both physically and emotionally.
The actual premise of this story, that being the real time scenario within the story, I have to say scares me greatly. As a gay man myself, the idea behind this story and way those idea’s are described seem far too plausible for comfort. This story really makes you stop and think about how easily it could be done in today’s age, let alone in the future.
I think they only gripe I had with this title, and I say title, not story, is the editing. I found a few too many editing oversights for my liking. Luckily though the pace of the story and the quality of the writing made it easy to self correct and move over the mistakes without too much issue, but something I, as a publisher, would be looking at if a re-release or print version was to become available.
As an avid reader, and publisher, there are 3 types of books, there is the book that is so hard to imagine that you usually give up, or get through it without any lasting impressions.
There is the book that allows you snap shots of scenes, but with no real mobility as far as the story goes.
Then there is the book which simply and easily plays in your mind like a well made movie. Gay Gene Rising was definitely number 3. It is also a book I think would do well as a blockbuster epic movie! Definitely take my words and become a Disciple of Goedric!
Reviewed By: JustinJames

Friday, 28 October 2011

Justin James' debut review...

I have just recently begun working for Top 2 Bottom Reviews, my debut review was recently posted on the site, with more to come very soon, please check it out...

Some Sexy Creatures...Just Because...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Some Inspiring Lyrics...

Reba McEntire

I might bite my lip
Look down at my shoes
I might clench my fist
Or just just leave the room
But I'm not gonna cry
Not one single drop
Cause once I get started, I
I may never stop
I might even laugh
Right in your face
When you come out and ask
Oh if I'll be ok
But I'm not gonna cry
Not one single drop
Cause once I get started, I
I may never stop
It's gonna take an act of God and all I got
To keep the first tear from fallin' down
But if I don't hold the waters back the dam is gonna crack
And I'll be damned if I'm gonna drown
So I'm not gonna cry
If that's what you thought
Cause once I get started, I
I may never stop
No, I'm not gonna cry
not one single drop
Cause once I get started
I may never stop
So I might bite my lip
Look down at my shoes

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Last night, and this morning.

Last night I had a dream. A dream so vivid and unforgettable that I woke up in tears. I won't be telling you about this dream, I will however be spending the day at the beach mapping my dream into a story. Hopefully by tonight I'll have written a synopsis to post here..